Merge "Testsuite/ARI: Added a pluggable module for log validation."

Merge "holding_bridge: ensure moh participants get frames" into 13

Testsuite/ARI: Added a pluggable module for log validation.

This pluggable module is used to verify a log files existence. It

will look inside the current test's log directory and check to see

if the given file is present or not. Another option, pass-if-present,

can be set to True or False based on what we expect the test to do.

* Added log validation pluggable module

* Log files can be verified in the testuite


Change-Id: I3bf8e63071e579552838e814aeda0ba5d6bb6180

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Merge "pjsip: Add tests for 'rtp_timeout' and 'rtp_timeout_hold' endpoint options."

Merge "mkrelease.py: Don't append the project name to ChangeLogs and README files"

Merge "tests/rest_api: Fix PEP 8 compliance issues"

Merge "mkrelease: Fix invocation of prep_tarball"

Merge "release_summary: Handle unicode encoded issue summaries"

Merge "Debug code paths for websocket connections."

Merge "tests/realtime/multi/multi: Fix PEP 8 compliance issue"

Merge "push-release: Add script to push artifacts to their pending directory"

Merge "runtests.py: Fix PEP 8 compliance issues"

mkrelease.py: Don't append the project name to ChangeLogs and README files

The ChangeLog and README files are always of the form

'ChangeLog-{version}' and 'README-{version}'. Currently, we are also

appending the project name, which is incorrect. This patch adds the

modified version name (subtituting out path delimiters) so that the

files have the expected name.

Change-Id: I9b6851725b3e2fadf26c86a8600505fa5b942622

Debug code paths for websocket connections.

This is intended to help determine what is going incorrectly when

websockets are the source of failing ARI tests. This option causes extra

tracing to occur so we can see what is being executed within autobahn.

Change-Id: If745cb8c31c210b4636fa89590089c5011826d14

releaser.sh: Remove RC patch checksum files

The releaser.sh script is currently not removing the checksum files for

patch files. This patch forces it to remove said files when releasing a

release candidate.

Change-Id: Ib6b32d951615177ebe98bcb486bb81b239d8dbf1

push-release: Add script to push artifacts to their pending directory

This patch adds a bash script that will push the artifacts created as a

result of 'mkrelease.py' to their pending release directory. This script

is extracted from the original bash mkrelease script, and is now invoked

at the end of the mkrelease.py script.

This patch also installs both mkrelease.py and push-release.sh to the

bin directory via the repo Makefile, such that different users can

invoke the scripts without having to checkout repotools locally.

Change-Id: If2d8f8b63c5eebf26d6951ea7423a7217d427ce7

mkrelease: Fix invocation of prep_tarball

The prep_tarball script in the Asterisk project expects to be called

with the mainline Asterisk branch the release is being based on, e.g.,

'11', '13', 'certified/1.8.11', etc. Currently, the script is being

invoked with the working release branch, which *may* be the same as the

mainline branch (for Certified releases) but is much more likely to be a

working tag branch, such as 11.19 or 13.5. If invoked with the working

tag branch name, the script will fail to retrieve the wiki


This patch updates mkrelease to track the mainline branch the release is

being made from, and call the script with that name.

Change-Id: Iec2912c7810a5bed9102ae3234f40435092221e1

release_summary: Handle unicode encoded issue summaries

JIRA issue summaries may also contain unicode encoded characters. This

patch updates the outputting of said text such that it is encoded


Change-Id: Ide3b97775499d5571c78dfdbb273ce146c0ca9cb

tests/rest_api: Fix PEP 8 compliance issues

This patch fixes issues caught by the pep8 utility. It contains no

semantic changes, and for the most part adjusts whitespace.

Change-Id: I4950056e10d8ffc1fca12fece432a112117aa353

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tests/realtime/multi/multi: Fix PEP 8 compliance issue

Visual indent was under-indented per PEP 8 guidelines.

Change-Id: I2c50eed97741103746a5a4302cbee4bf6f30a202

runtests.py: Fix PEP 8 compliance issues

This patch fixes a variety of minor PEP 8 compliance issues found by


Change-Id: I7b4d08fb9cd0e89bc2d8f6af6e0835467528d9b2

Merge "pjsip: Handle initial NOTIFY in MWI aggregate test."

ChangeLog: Updated for 13.5.0-rc1

Release summaries: Add summaries for 13.5.0-rc1

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.lastclean: Update for 13.5.0-rc1

realtime: Add database scripts for 13.5.0-rc1

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.version: Update for 13.5.0-rc1

ChangeLog: Updated for 11.19.0-rc1

Release summaries: Add summaries for 11.19.0-rc1

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.version: Update for 11.19.0-rc1